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Crossline, Ltd. offers comprehensive services in the field of marketing. We create and implement marketing strategies and plans, prepare situation analyses, provide consultancy services in selected areas, and also offer educational programs such as seminars and training.

Marketing is a part of everyday life and influences the behavior and thinking of all of us. Marketing is an integral part of every business in a market environment. Put simply, we can look at marketing as communication with the customer, which is at the core of every marketing approach, especially when it comes to customer knowledge. By collecting marketing information about the customer (in particular, after identifying customer needs and what the competition has to offer), we can create an optimal offer – the so-called marketing mix. This is followed by an evaluation of how the customer has responded to the offer.

Our company’s activities are focused on marketing communications (advertising) – the most visible component of the marketing mix. The presentation of products and services must be properly targeted to the potential customer. It is important to select the correct mix of communications for the relevant target group – advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal sales and direct marketing. That is why we are here for you. We can help to increase your company’s visibility and build its reputation, and also provide professional promotion of your products and services.

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Crossline services

Our portfolio of services expand of consulting and educational programs in marketing development and marketing management and also in areas of soft skills. Our company
deals with making and implementing individual and group training programs "tailored" for both the private and
the public sector.

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